Why Would You want to Buy Real Viewing Hours on YouTube

YouTube Watch Time is a service that will help you earn the total number of viewing hours.

To use the service, provide a link to a movie or a live broadcast lasting at least 60 minutes. Buy real youtube watch hours – Especially for you!

What is the viewing time on YouTube YouTube Watch Time is a service that consists in increasing /loading the total viewing time for a specific movie.
Watching a movie on YouTube takes place directly through the promoted website, and you do not need to download any additional programs or enter your account password.
Watching videos on YouTube has a huge impact on how often your videos appear on the homepage.
Why it’s worth Buying YouTube Viewing Time
It would seem that views, likes on YouTube and subscriptions play the biggest role in building a channel. However, it is the viewing time on YouTube that directly affects the number of subscriptions received and even higher advertising revenue.
Even if you don’t expect a lot of income, it would be nice to join and start making money from advertising your videos.
This is important because a website is more likely to promote videos on which it makes money, so simply enabling monetization can guarantee you new viewers or wider views. In addition, additional advertising money can bring you better quality if you invest it in professional recording equipment.

Why You Should Buy YouTube Viewing Time:

The best movie statistics The opportunity to join the YouTube affiliate program Earned more money for advertising More frequent appearance of videos on the home page and in the offered (right) Higher position of the movie in the search engine A chance to attract new viewers and reach more people Monetization live, superchat and channel support BUY VIEWING TIME ON YOUTUBE Increase revenue from advertising your videos The longer viewers watch your videos, the more you can get from advertising. For example, if a video is 15 minutes long, you can place up to 10 ads on it. When the viewer watches the video to the end, he will also have to see 10 ads instead of one, which will bring you much more money on YouTube. Risk
All actions are performed manually, without using programs to watch a movie on YouTube, so there is no risk of blocking your account after using this offer. You just give a link to the video, and we do the rest.

Viewing time is the most important factor in positioning video promotion on YouTube.

The longer you hold the viewer’s attention, the more often you are recommended. Videos with 30% to 50% of the viewing time have much better results and are more likely to appear on the home page or on the tab on the right. Join the YouTube affiliate Program To join, you will need a total of 4,000 hours of total viewing time and 1,000 subscriptions.
Important information
How to buy time to watch movies on YouTube Watching a movie on YouTube is a service that takes a little longer than others. We need more than an hour of video to complete properly. The video must be publicly available for the entire period from the beginning of the maximum viewing time to production until several days after the end of the campaign, until you see information on the number of hours received on your channel.
The easiest way to earn 4000 hours of watching a movie and get the opportunity to earn on YouTube is to prepare more than an hour of live broadcast. In order for the film not to violate the rules of the site and be available to the public, it is best to record it without music or with music without copyright.